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Accounting system

Collecting, storing and processing financial and accounting data

With the accounting software you can collect, store and process financial and accounting data used by internal users to report information to investors, creditors and tax authorities.

Our accounting software includes data relating to revenue, expenses, customer information, employee information and tax information. Specific data includes sales orders and analysis reports, purchase requisitions, invoices, check registers, inventory, payroll, ledger, trial balance and financial statement information.

The Accounting system produces reports including accounts receivable aging reports based on customer information, depreciation schedules for fixed assets and trial balances for financial reporting. Customer lists, taxation calculations and inventory levels may also be reproduced. However, correspondences, memos or presentations are not included in the system because these items are not directly related to a company’s financial reporting and bookkeeping.

The Inventory Detail Report shows the current stock you have on hand, the amount of stock committed to sales orders and the stock you have available at specific date. You can generate inventory reports to review and analyze information about the inventory.

Pricing options


  • 60 Reception
  • 60 Invoices
  • 50 Delivery notes
  • 50 Products
  • 30 Vendors
  • 15 Financial Document pages
  • 2 Stores or Warehouses


  • 170 Reception
  • 200 Invoices
  • 400 Delivery notes
  • 300 Products
  • 150 Vendors
  • 50 Financial Document Pages
  • 3 Stores or Warehouses


  • 550 Reception
  • 600 Invoices
  • 900 Delivery notes
  • 600 Products
  • 500 Vendors
  • 120 Financial Document Pages
  • 4 Stores or Warehouses


  • 1,500 Reception
  • 2,000 Invoices
  • 2,500 Delivery notes
  • 1,500 Products
  • 900 Vendors
  • 400 Financial Document Pages
  • 4 Stores or Warehouses

* Save Up To 20% with annual billing (advance payment)

* Mimimum period of use is 1 year

* All updates are included in price

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